Katie and Tex Embark on a Journey of Discovery: Exploring the Wonders of Gen AI with Accenture's Sareena

Katie and Tex explore the world of Gen AI, guided by Sareena from Accenture, who explains the concept and its real-world applications.

Generative artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as Gen AI, is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating content autonomously. It's a technology that has made its mark in various industries, from art and music to coding and content generation. In this special episode, children get to see how Gen AI can be harnessed in the workplace and integrated into our daily lives.

Sareena serves as the expert guide, shedding light on what Gen AI is and its diverse applications in our daily lives. She helps Katie and Tex understand how Gen AI is shaping the world around us. Sareena explains that Gen AI is not only about automating repetitive tasks but also about enhancing creativity and innovation.

Sareena is joined by a special guest Ava Roberts, a school girl from Salford. When Ava grows up she wants to inspire even more girls about careers in technology. 

One of the exciting aspects of Gen AI highlighted in the episode is its ability to create music. Gen AI algorithms can analyze musical patterns, composing melodies, harmonies and even suggest lyrics, making it a valuable tool for musicians and composers seeking inspiration or assistance in their creative process.

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