Celebrating International Women's Day with children

IWD for primary school students

IWD for secondary school students

With only 3% of women citing a career in technology as their first choice,  on International Women’s Day - and always - Tech She Can is on a mission to address this imbalance. We are ensuring that women and girls have equal access to and ownership of tech industries so that their skills and creativity can be harnessed to make and use technology that works for all.

We’ve put together two short videos one for children aged 5+ and the other for children aged 11+  to help explain the importance of this day to children, to highlight inequalities that exist between women and men and to share ways children can help make the world a fairer place.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or guardian, we hope you find these videos useful either as part of a school assembly or lesson or simply to spark a valuable and interesting conversation with your own children.  

Together we can change the ratio
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