Celebrating International Women's Day with children

IWD for primary school students

IWD for secondary school students

With International Women's Day 2022 approaching on 8 March, we’ve put together two short videos to help explain the importance of this day to children. Our Head of Early Education, Becky Patel, highlights what International Women’s Day is all about and why it’s important for both boys and girls. Becky also explains some of the inequalities that exist between women and men - and shares some of things children can do to help make the world a fairer place.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or guardian, we hope you find these videos useful. You may be able to use them as part of a school assembly next week, or simply to spark a valuable and interesting conversation with your own children.  There are two videos available - one for primary school children and the other for secondary school children.

Together we can change the ratio
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