Our vision

For women to be equal members in creating and developing the new technology businesses, products, and services that shape our world, ensuring technology works for all.

We're on a mission for an equal future

We don’t know what the jobs of the future will be, what the workplace will look like, or how major challenges such as climate change and personalised medicine will be tackled by the next generation. But we do know that technological innovations will shape the businesses, products, solutions, infrastructure and services that underpin our world. 

We also know that women’s creativity and innovations are critical in developing technology that works for all. Tech She Can’s mission is to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in developing technology, and for women to play an equal role in how our world works, looks, thinks and feels.

Collaboration is our ‘superpower’.  We’re designing our future together.

What we do

Tech She Can is a charity, working together with industry, government, and schools to improve the ratio of women in technology roles by:

Influencing change

We’re influencing change in the workplace, in schools and colleges, and with government.

Enriching education

We’re educating, equipping and inspiring young people, especially girls, to study technology subjects and choose a career in technology. Tech We Can - our educational resource programme - is completely free for schools. We also inspire young adults - especially girls and women - to consider a future career in technology, by connecting them to relatable role models who have recently started their careers.


We’re influencing change at the individual level, whether in the classroom or in the workplace, inspiring each girl or woman about the possibilities a career in technology could offer


We’re partnering with organisations such as STEM Ambassadors and Tech Talent Charter to shine a spotlight on the issues and barriers surrounding progress - publishing insights and research, and advocating for change.


We’re profiling and celebrating success stories, highlighting inspirational women and organisations that ‘get it’.


We’re leading change at the top, working with industry leaders and government to shape new, inclusive education, skills, family, and workplace policies.

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Together we can change the ratio
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