Tech for the Planet

Discover how technologists around the world are using technology to protect our air, reduce waste, help clean the oceans and preserve our wildlife.

About this

Discover how technology is being used to protect the future of our planet and the types of careers available in this field.

What will students learn?

  • Why we need to develop technology to protect our planet.
  • How technology is being used to protect the air, reduce waste, protect animals and protect the oceans.
  • Our role model, Mikya, explains how Tesco is using robots and drones for delivery.
  • Our role model, Lucinda, from Unilever talks about how she uses technology to solve both social and environmental issues.
  • Examples of careers students could pursue, designing and using technology to protect the planet.

What you'll need for this lesson

If completing the optional challenge, students will need to be able to research the questions provided. Pens, pencils, paper or computer design software will be needed for presenting their findings.

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Published: 30 Nov 2021

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