Tech for Celebrations

Discover how technology is used in live events and celebrations - from carnivals, to sporting events and music festivals

About this

Discover how technology is used to bring celebrations and events to life - and explore some of the career opportunities in this areas, from lighting programmers to pyrotechnicians.

What will students learn?

  • How technology is used in displays, carnivals and live performances
  • Role model Jonathan Bramley, Managing Director of The Clear Idea, explains what his job involves
  • How technology is used to design and create toys and to send gifts and greetings around the world
  • Hear from our role model Jan Carlyle, Founder and Director of Autumn Live, an events company
  • Examples of a variety of future careers students could follow in these areas

What you'll need for this lesson

Pens, pencils, paper or computer design software to complete the optional challenge.

Published: 07 Dec 2020

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