Tech for the Planet: new Tech We Can lesson for kids

Since the COP26 climate summit earlier this month, topics such as sustainable living and protecting the future of our planet have dominated the news agenda, as well as entering our everyday conversations, including those taking place in schools and among young people.

Today, we’re delighted to announce the release of our latest free on-demand Tech We Can lesson, ‘Tech for the Planet’. Aimed at children aged 8-14, this lesson aims to show some of the innovative ways in which technologists around the world are using technology to protect our air, reduce waste, help clean the oceans and preserve our wildlife. It also highlights some of the role models working in these areas which we hope will inspire young viewers to consider a future career in technology. Many thanks to Lucinda Jones from Unilever and Mikya Rozner from Tesco for featuring in this lesson and sharing what their roles involve.

You can watch the lesson, taught by Becky Patel and Katie King in our new studio, above. As with all our Tech We Can online lessons, the content is free of charge and available to watch on demand. 

Head to the Tech We Can section of our site where you'll fine a wide range of on-demand lessons and lesson packs. Each explores the use of technology in a different area - from sport, to food and outer space - and highlights the types of careers that students could go into in the future. 

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