Harnessing the Power of micro:bit and Tech She Can: A Guide for Teachers

Unlocking Creativity with micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a fantastic tool for introducing coding and electronics to students in a hands-on, interactive way. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of educational projects, from simple programming exercises to more complex IoT (Internet of Things) innovations. The micro:bit's built-in sensors and LED lights can spark creativity and problem-solving skills among your students. The beginner micro:bit challenges can be used to complement our impactful Tech We Can assembly resources, where we link your student's hobbies and passions to the world of work and technology careers.

Making a Difference in Education

By combining the BBC micro:bit and Tech She Can's initiatives, you're not just teaching technology—you're shaping future innovators and changemakers. This integration empowers all students, regardless of gender, to see themselves as capable contributors to the tech world.

Challenges for the Classroom:

Tech for Helping the Planet

1. Watch this assembly:
"Tech for Helping the Planet Assembly"

2. Complete these related micro:bit challenges:
Saving Sea Turtles

Tech for Helping People

1. Watch this assembly:

2. Complete these related micro:bit challenges:
Touch Emotion badge 

Tech for Gaming and Esports

1. Watch this assembly:
"Tech for Gaming and Esports Assembly"

2. Complete these related micro:bit challenges:
Rock Paper Scissors Game

Tech for Space

1. Watch this assembly:
"Tech for Space Assembly"

2. Complete these related micro:bit challenges:
Environment exploration

Tech for Sport

1. Watch this assembly:
"Tech for Sport Assembly"

2. Complete these related micro:bit challenges:
Step Counter 

Have fun!

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