Lesson packs

Designed to be taught by teachers of any specialism, or used by parents at home, these lessons are aimed at inspiring children aged 10-13 to consider a career in technology.


Mapped to the National Curriculum, each lesson is around two hours long and comes with written instructions. Covering 14 different topics, the lesson packs have been designed to be simple to use and require no specialist knowledge to deliver them. You’ll find options of different packs to download depending on the technology you have available.

Getting started

In this pack, you’ll find everything you need to get started before teaching the lessons. Take the time to read through helpful advice on how to use the plans as well as the different apps featured in the lessons.

Our lesson packs

Our lesson packs are all cross-curricular. We’ve organised them by curriculum area below to help you search for the lessons which best match your needs.

What skills will students gain from the programme?

Gatsby Benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework for good careers guidance for schools across all of England and in some areas across the rest of the UK. This experience helps your school to reach the following Benchmarks:

  • Learning from career and labour market information
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Encounters with employers and employees


The essential skills every young person needs to succeed in education and their future career. Find out more at Skills Builder Partnership. This experience builds the following skills:

Aiming High – The ability to set clear, tangible goals and devise a robust route to achieving them.

Listening – The ability to listen and understand information.

Speaking – The oral transmission of information or ideas.

Creativity – The use of imagination and the generation of news ideas.

Problem Solving – The ability to find a solution to a complex situation or challenge.

Teamwork – Working cooperatively with others towards achieving a shared goal. 

Lessons we deliver

Alongside our on-demand lessons, we offer lesson packs for you, as teachers or parents, to teach children in school or at home. The packs include lesson plans, presentations, printable resources and instructional videos.

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